One day, I was reading my favorite magazine. My little girl 46. playing around me, which made my rea

Passage 4(2020 •河南省)
One day, I was reading my favorite magazine. My little girl 46 playing around me, which made my reading impossible. To get some peace, I tried a trick 47 keep her busy for a little while. I took a page out from my magazine with a printed map on it. I cut the map into pieces and handed them over to her, asking her to put those pieces together and make 48 complete map again.
But within several minutes, she was standing49 front of me with a perfect map in her little hands. Surprised, I asked her how she did it so quickly and easily.
She smiled and said." Oh, Dad,50 is a man's face on the other side of the map. I just tried to make his face completely."
Then she turned and ran outside to play, leaving me eyes wide and mouth open.
Word Bank
trick             把戲
46.was【解析】句意:我在看我最喜歡的雜志,我的小女兒在我身邊玩耍。根據句意理解及前句中的I was reading my favorite magazine可知,這里表達的是“我正在……”,前面用的是過去進行時,所以這里也用過去進行時,空格后面是ing形式,且句子主語是單數名詞,所以這里應該用was,
根據句意理解可知,這里表達的是“一張完整的地圖”,空格表達的是“一個”,英語是不定冠詞a/ an,而空格后面的詞是complete,是一個輔音音標開頭的單詞,所以這里應該用a,故答案為a。【解析】句意:但幾分鐘后,她就站在我面前,小手拿著一張完美的地圖。根據句意理解可知,這里表達的是“在前面”,英語是in front of,表示在外部的前面,所以空格缺的是in,故答案為in。
50.there【解析】句意:哦,爸爸,地圖的另一邊有一張男人的臉。根據句意理解可知,這里表達的是“有……”,英語中表達“某地有某物”要用there be句型,所以這里應該用there,故答案為there。

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